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Adrienne Love has created the quintessential bridal shop which has grown to two locations in Carmel & Greenwood Indiana. Learn more about her journey to create the ultimate shopping experience for brides in her interview with Erinn Bridgman:  

What is the story behind The Wedding Studio & how did you become the boss babe of such a darling bridal boutique?

Well, if you would have asked me 5 years ago I might have laughed about the possibility of being in the bridal business. At that point in time, I was selling medical devices and just over it. I didn’t feel any passion whatsoever. I was in hospitals and traveling a lot… ugh. It was not the career that met my passions and strengths. 

Adrienne Love Indiana

So… Right before my husband and I got married, we were sitting at dinner having one of those heart-to-hearts about our future. He asked what I wanted to do if I could do anything. I responded with my dream to open my own boutique. I think the words that might have come our of my mouth was “ I want to sell ‘cute stuff’”. My husband said let’s do it! That’s where this awesome journey began. 

I had ZERO retail experience so I reached out to a friend, Cassandra Stevning, who happened to be the owner of The Wedding Studio! I explained what I was wanting to do and that I needed retail experience and would love to work a few days a week at her shop. She hired me! Not only that, after a few months of working there, her and the other owner, Leslie Jones, offered to sell me the shop.

Adrienne Love

In those few months, I fell madly in love with the bridal business. I loved making every bride feel beautiful. I loved the happy tears that came from the whole family when seeing their girl in a wedding gown for the first time. Providing an environment filled with love and no-pressure for women is such an honor. Seeing all the different & wonderful dynamics of each family is one of the hidden gems in the industry that I enjoy most. Those mother-daughter relationships give me ALL the feels.

Adrienne Love The Wedding Studio

Then of course the moment of finding your wedding gown. Gahhhhhh- It’s so awesome. It never gets old. I still get teary-eyed today!  Lastly, my love of fashion was being cultivated. All of the stars felt like they were aligning! So obviously I said yes to Cassandra and Leslie! Best decision ever (well, besides my husband)!

Visit The Wedding Studio in Carmel or The Wedding Studio in Greenwood and say YES to TWS! 

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